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Hi, I'm Ally Landrum. 
When I design, I like to look past the obvious and beyond the words to reach into the heart of project in order to extract what makes it special. It’s not just about the artwork—it’s the whole picture: the mat board used to cover the extra space, the frame it’s hung in, the nail used to anchor it to the wall and even the grain of the paper has meaning. Without those details, the entire picture is unfinished. 

I think what makes a designer truly successful is a connection to the people you design for and the ability to stay human. We all are just trying to find the beauty in the ordinary—the meaning in something seemingly meaningless—the importance in something small.

My work reflects immense amount of energy, passion and thought I put into making it successful. I believe good design
has amazing power to bring life and character to a non-corporal being. In my work, the colors, fonts, patterns and outrageous ideas wait to be transformed into something unique and powerful.


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